June 2018

Gourmet Barbecue



At St Luke’s Green, every day is a delight thanks in great part to our resident culinary wizard, Chef Paul.


Chef Paul is always whipping up treats for the residents like friands and biscuits for morning tea right through to a weekly dinner.

He's also a dab hand with the barbecue tongs and we would love you to join us for some gourmet grilling on our village green.

It's a great opportunity to check out our 'little village in a big city', have a look at the new apartments on offer and meet some of the residents and staff.

We love the life here and think you will too.

There will be no hard-sell or pressure and it won't cost you a sausage.

RSVP Essential by Monday 16 July - please call Cheryl or Courtney on 3129 9075.

Date: Thursday 19 July
Time: 12pm
Where: St Luke's Green 43 Taylor street, Woolloongabba